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Part 2

What is the difference between double equal (==) and triple equal (===)?

Double equal (==) compares whether the two variables or values besides it, have same value or not. And triple equal check as same as the double equal and the types of those variables.

Example #1: double equal will check the values and return if it’s true or not

const num1 = 1;
const bool = true;

Describing about react.js, DOM, props etc.

What is React?

React is a library which has been used for user interfaces. People make mistake that it’s a framework. But a library is much useful when it comes to a small thing to add into the interface. If you want to add an element we’ll need to import only that element not the full package. React has been used for only design User Interface (UI) that doesn’t need a full framework package.

But Library’s do have some cons too. When you are having fun making a specific architecture, it can ruin your application. Frameworks are…

Describing some tips and tricks about code writing, ES6 and many more.

Primitive values

Primitive values are not functions or objects and they cannot be altered. That means they are immutable. These are like constants.

  • String
  • Number
  • Boolean
  • BigInt
  • Symbol
  • Undefined
  • Null

Try-Catch Function

Our Scripts can have errors due to our mistakes, unexpected values or incorrect server response. So, we need to handle those errors using functions like try-catch.

try {    // our code...  } 
catch (error) { // error handling, print messages etc }

It can be explain with this pseudo code:

  1. Try block: in this block, our codes are written and…

Describing ten easy methods that makes coding faster and easier for beginners

1. String.prototype.concat()

The concat() method takes strings and concatenate them together as a new string.

const firstName = ‘Adam’;
const lastName = ‘Smith’;

Suppose you have a form which takes inputs like first and last name individually but you want to put that together in your database or file. What you’ll do? Nothing but you have to write a method called concat().


This method takes a string or multiple strings as parameters. Like str1, str2 and so one.


You can take a variable or a direct string to concatenate. But before that you…


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